The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, has announced that Steve Jobs will be posthumously inducted into its Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri, which recognizes the work of pioneers, artists, and innovators who have pushed photography forward. Jobs will be one of eight new inductees on ...continue reading Steve Jobs to Be Inducted Into International Photography Hall of Fame

Jared Newman 08.16.16 5:00 AM HomeKit could become the quintessential product of Tim Cook's Apple, but right now it's kind of dull. Apple has yet to tell much of a story around HomeKit since announcing the smart home framework in mid-2014, and there was little fanfare when the first HomeKit-enabled devices, such as the Ecobee3 ...continue reading Technology: Why Apple HomeKit Seems Boring Right Now – Fast Company

In an interview with Fast Company, former Apple employee Bob Messerschmidt, who helped design the heart rate sensors in the Apple Watch, gave some insight into what it was like working with Jony Ive and Apple's Industrial Design Group on the company's first wearable device. After a 2010 acquisition, Messerschmidt joined the Apple Watch team, ...continue reading Jony Ive's Design Team Nixed Apple Watch Band With Sensors

We hear from Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company’s quarterly earnings calls, but lately the leader of Apple has been opening up in ways that non-analysts can understand. First he sat down with Fast Company, and on Monday an in-depth Washington Post interview on Cook’s 5-year anniversary as CEO offered more insight into the ...continue reading Tim Cook's first 5 years: Apple's CEO on failure and why he still believes in surprises

The Washington Post today posted a lengthy new interview with Tim Cook, in which he discussed his first five years as Apple CEO and hinted at the company's work on augmented reality products. When asked how he handled the scrutiny that came with the role, Cook admitted that it was something he'd had to adapt ...continue reading Tim Cook Discusses His Job, Apple's Long-Term Future, AI, Virtual Reality, and More

Rick Tetzeli 08.08.16 6:00 AM "This wouldn't have happened if Steve Jobs were around" is one of the most overused insults that even fans will hurl at Apple CEO Tim Cook when he does something they don't like. Fact is, you can apply the line to many of the things that Cook has done to ...continue reading Leadership: 9 Ways Tim Cook Has Transformed Apple – Fast Company

Apple’s next iPhone and iPad operating system will no longer feature an emoji picture of a handgun. In its place will be an emoji of a green, plastic squirt gun.  There is nothing particularly threatening about the current handgun picture. You only see the side of the gun; it isn’t pointed at the reader or ...continue reading Why is Apple so afraid of a little picture of a gun? – Fox News

With four months to go until the scheduled completion of Apple's second campus, work is progressing at a steady pace. Based on a new drone video posted this week, the main ring-shaped building at the center of the campus is nearly complete, as are many of the auxillary buildings. Now that construction is getting to ...continue reading New Drone Video Shows Landscaping Progress at Apple Campus 2

As it expands from a box to a platform, the Apple TV could transform home entertainment. Credit: Apple For as long as it’s been in existence, Apple TV has wanted to be something more than what it is. Whether it was purchasing and renting movies, downloading games and apps, or simply watching live programming, Apple’s ...continue reading Where does the Apple TV go next? – Macworld

As if the 80 or so minutes he spent showing off the iPhone weren’t enough, Steve Jobs concluded his 2007 Macworld Expo keynote in San Francisco with one final bombshell unveiling. It wasn’t a piece of hardware or an OS update, but it was just as significant: As he was summing up Apple’s increasingly diverse ...continue reading What if Apple is actually phasing out the pro-level Mac?