iPhone users that elect not to use iCloud storage will be pleased to learn that another source has thrown its weight behind at least one iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus model having 256GB of flash storage. DigiTimes, citing industry sources, is the latest to claim the iPhone 7 will feature up to 256GB of ...continue reading 256GB Storage Rumor Gaining Steam as iPhone 7 Launch Approaches

Following months of being repeatedly blocked by independent planning body An Bord Pleanála, Apple has finally been granted the go-ahead to build its massive data center in Galway County, Ireland (via Business Insider). The Irish planning board reversed course on its earlier oppositions to the data center, "despite opposition from a number of individuals and ...continue reading Apple Gets Approval for Irish Data Center Construction After Months of Objections

Rick Tetzeli 08.08.16 6:00 AM "This wouldn't have happened if Steve Jobs were around" is one of the most overused insults that even fans will hurl at Apple CEO Tim Cook when he does something they don't like. Fact is, you can apply the line to many of the things that Cook has done to ...continue reading Leadership: 9 Ways Tim Cook Has Transformed Apple – Fast Company

An Apple security chief unexpectedly announced the company will pay for vulnerabilities found in certain aspects of iOS and iCloud. The program is invitation only, and payouts will be based on severity and category. The top fees across five areas range from $25,000 to $200,000, but could be much lower. The announcement came during a ...continue reading Apple announces invitation-only bug bounty program at Black Hat conference

Popular writing app and Apple Design Award winner Ulysses gained WordPress publishing and Dropbox support today, in a simultaneous update to its iOS and Mac apps. The changes that come with version 2.6 of the writing app mean that bloggers can publish their texts straight to a WordPress account, complete with tag, category, excerpt, and ...continue reading Writing App 'Ulysses' Gains WordPress Publishing Support and More

Popular third-party chat app WhatsApp is leaving a "forensic trace" of every supposedly deleted chat log, meaning anyone with access to your smartphone -- or another device connected through the cloud -- could potentially access data from the app. The discovery comes from iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, who shared the information in a blog post ...continue reading WhatsApp Security Flaw Leaves 'Trace of All Your Chats' Even After Deletion

During today's third quarter earnings call, Apple announced its second consecutive year-over-year revenue drop with falling iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales, but amid the decline, the company's services category saw significant growth based on strong App Store performance. Services revenue was up 19 percent year over year, and according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple ...continue reading Apple's Services Revenue Up 19% on App Store, Apple Music Growth

The US National Institute for Standards and Technology has released a new draft of its Digital Authentication Guideline, which sets the rules that all authentication software eventually follows. In the document, NIST deprecates the implementation of SMS as a method with which users validate a second level of security on various accounts, "no longer" allowing ...continue reading New National Guidelines Could Halt Use of SMS for Two-Factor Authentication

There’s no shortage of word processing software in the world, but few have the cult following that Scrivener does. Long available for OS X and Windows, it’s finally ready to be downloaded by anyone who owns an iOS device for $20. Scrivener for iOS (iTunes Store link) does just about everything you could ever need ...continue reading Scrivener for iOS review: A sophisticated writing and research app for on-the-go

At the 2001 Macworld Expo in San Francisco, just before presenting iTunes to the world, Steve Jobs outlined Apple’s Digital Hub strategy. He discussed the new digital devices that people carried around with them: cellphones, cameras, PDAs, music players, and more. Jobs’ vision was that the Mac would become the digital hub, and that this ...continue reading Apple, stop being stingy with the iCloud storage