Protect against potential ISP snooping by using https and a VPN

Our online privacy rights have almost always eroded in the U.S., rather than improved. The Obama Administration created a new set of restrictions on Internet service providers (ISPs) intended to define more clearly and explicitly bar greater use of our information that ISPs could conceivably gather, store, and sell. A Congressional joint resolution may be signed by President Trump by the time you read this that prevents those new rules from going into effect. The status quo remains.

However, the aggressive enforcement of certain privacy rules and net-neutrality polices by the FCC and FTC during the Obama era seemed to prevent ISPs from pushing forward. With the new rules rejected and a friendlier FCC chair in place, there’s legitimate concern that ISPs will ramp up efforts to use our browsing habits and behavior to sell to marketers to better target ads against us, to create new ISP-operated targeted advertising systems, and to have information available to release to the U.S. government without the requirement of a warrant.

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