How to use your iPhone or iPad as a wireless hotspot

Back in January, while I was helping or sister site PCWorld with CES coverage, my Internet blinked out. After scurrying around the house in a panic—I was in the middle of a story—my sister came to the rescue with her iPad, which she set up as an Internet hot spot. 


Setting up a wireless hotspot on your iOS device is a simple process, and it’s useful for more than bailing out freaked-out freelance tech journalists. Here’s how to go about it.

Before you begin, you’ll need to make sure your cellular service plan supports the wireless hotspot feature. If it doesn’t, check with your carrier for plan pricing and availability. Also, you’ll need to make sure your iPhone or iPad has mobile data switched on.  Lastly, keep in mind that any data you use will most likely count against your plan’s data cap, so you’ll want to avoid downloading massive files while on the hotspot.

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