How to downsample images to keep a photo library manageable

Lyn from Toronto asks about how to reduce the size of images selectively to avoid storing full-resolution photos when larger sizes are overkill. She notes, “My husband takes a ton of photographs, and coming off the camera and then downloaded into the Photos app, they are each about 4MB and take up a lot of friggin space.”

However, she doesn’t see any option to reduce resolution selectively within Photos or with other tools. She wonders, too, if there’s a way to carry out a batch operation to reduce the images’ sizes, or offload the full-resolution files outside of the Photos Library.

This is a really interesting request, and something that’s completely outside the scope of what Photos offers. While there are other photo-management tools out there like Adobe Lightroom (which also has full-featured photo-editing controls), none of them make that particularly easy, either.

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