Apple's strategy hasn't changed—and neither have pundits' takes

Punditry 101 lesson time: If you want to write about Apple, it’s a lot easier if you just ignore some stuff.

Writing for The Guardian, Alex Hern says “Apple is tired of making Coca-Cola and now wants to sell champagne.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Christopher Cowan and Jason Davies.)

Yes, Apple, the company that has been routinely pilloried as elitist for selling device that are too expensive, is now retroactively the device-maker for everyone. The Macalope wanted to make a reference to The Lathe of Heaven here as he is wont to do when tackling reality-challenged pieces, but he sees he did that already when writing about a different piece by Hern and he has a strict “one The Lathe of Heaven reference per customer” policy.

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