By AppleInsider StaffTuesday, March 31, 2015, 02:43 pm PT (05:43 pm ET) Amazon on Tuesday announced a new single-purpose Internet-connected device that lets customers quickly reorder commonly depleted goods like coffee pods and razor blades at the push of a button. Taking online shopping into the real world is a bold idea, so bold that ...continue reading Amazon Dash Buttons bring consumerism to Internet of Things

Last year, Verizon and AT&T made headlines when researchers discovered they had been engaging in some unsavory customer tracking techniques, using unique identifier numbers or "perma-cookies" to track the websites that customers visited on their cellular devices to deliver targeted advertisements, a practice called "Relevant Advertising." Following customer backlash, AT&T stopped using the hidden web ...continue reading Verizon Wireless Lets Customers Opt Out of Tracking 'Perma-Cookies'

Fantastical 2, HoudaSpot 4, GoodTask 2, and more In this week’s roundup of new Mac apps, you’ll find a brand new version of Fantastical, a program for plastering your desktop with beautiful photography, and even a way to keep your secrets secure in plain sight. Covered 1.3 Rob Heague’s Covered scours the iTunes store for ...continue reading The Week in Mac Apps: Fantastical 2, HoudaSpot 4, GoodTask 2, and more

By Roger FingasTuesday, March 31, 2015, 01:32 pm PT (04:32 pm ET) Doist on Tuesday released a major update of Todoist for iOS, adding features like "intelligent" task input, while the New York Times announced it would be creating single-sentence stories for display on Apple Watch. Todoist 10 for iOS gets intelligent input, more The ...continue reading Todoist for iOS gets major upgrades, New York Times creates 'one-sentence stories' for Apple Watch

By Neil HughesTuesday, March 31, 2015, 12:55 pm PT (03:55 pm ET) The sale of patents owned by the Rockstar Consortium of companies could bring a windfall of $392 million in additional cash to Apple's March quarter, estimates from one analyst predict. Apple originally paid the lion's share for a series of patents purchased by ...continue reading Rockstar patent sale could net Apple $392 million in March quarter

Portland-based company Grovemade is known for its range of attractive wood accessories designed for the iPad and the iPhone, which it has been producing for several years now. Grovemade recently invited MacRumors to go hands-on with two of its newest products for the iPhone 6 Plus, and we jumped at the chance because Grovemade products ...continue reading Grovemade Review: Hands-On With the Leather & Maple iPhone 6 Plus Case and Dock [iOS Blog]

Buster Hein (1:11 pm PDT, Mar 31st) You selfies may soon unlock (and lock) your iPhone. Photo: David Schiersner Apple is looking to up its selfie game in a new patent awarded to the company by the United States Patent and Trademark Offices today. The new patent would allow iPhone and iPad users to unlock their ...continue reading Apple patent puts a twist on facial recognition unlocking

Luke Dormehl (12:13 pm PDT, Mar 31st) It’s time to submit your Apple Watch app. Photo: Leander Kahney Apple today announced that all members of its Developer Program can now officially submit Watch apps to the App Store; potentially triggering a gold rush similar to that seen when devs were first able to create iPhone ...continue reading Apple is officially ready to accept your Watch app

By AppleInsider StaffTuesday, March 31, 2015, 12:22 pm PT (03:22 pm ET) Devices running Google's budding Chrome OS cloud-based operating system continue to fall in price, as the company announced two new laptop models from Chinese manufacturers Haier and Hisense, alongside a convertible Chromebook and thumb drive-sized "Chromebit" from Asus. Haier's Chromebook 11 ships with ...continue reading Google unveils new $149 Chromebooks, Asus-made Chromebit stick computer

By Roger FingasTuesday, March 31, 2015, 12:02 pm PT (03:02 pm ET) Apple's head of environmental efforts, Lisa Jackson, addressed a variety of issues, including the company's relationship with federal regulators and its global carbon footprint, in a new interview. Jackson spoke at Wall Street Journal's "Eco:nomics" conference last week, and addressed a question on ...continue reading Apple's Lisa Jackson talks environmental regulations, global carbon footprint at WSJ conference