Alex Heath (2:00 pm PDT, Aug 31st) “An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator… Are you getting it?” Apple will show off the iPhone 6 to the world in less than two weeks, and like always, an executive in an untucked dress shirt will explain why it’s the best iPhone ever. If you pride ...continue reading Time to brush up on your iPhone history before Apple’s Sept 9th event

Alex Heath (12:45 pm PDT, Aug 31st) One of the great mysteries of the App Store is why certain apps get rejected and why others don’t. Apple has let a surprising number of ripoffs and clones through the store’s iron gates, yet some developers face rejection for seemingly innocent apps. “Before you develop your app, it’s ...continue reading Apple explains why apps get rejected from the App Store

App Store rejections may not be the hot-button issue it was a few years ago, but for developers, it’s still a chief area of concern. To give app makers a little clarity and direction, Apple published a new page to its Developer site that outlines some of the most common reasons an app gets rejected ...continue reading New page on Apple's website explains common reasons for App Store rejection

Alex Heath (12:12 pm PDT, Aug 31st) To get a true appreciation for how massive Apple’s new UFO-shaped campus will be, a drone equipped with a GoPro was flown over the construction site. We’ve seen some aerial pictures of the site beginning to take shape as work begins on Campus 2, but this is by far ...continue reading Take in Apple’s massive new spaceship campus site via aerial drone

Alex Heath (11:33 am PDT, Aug 31st) Photo: Mashable After years of reports saying that NFC is coming to the iPhone for mobile payments, it looks like it will finally be a reality on September 9th. Part leaks have indicated that Apple’s next-gen iPhone hardware will indeed be equipped with NFC to make transactions for ...continue reading Apple adds American Express as mobile payments partner for iPhone 6

Allan Blocker (9:15 am PDT, Aug 31st) What a great week it has been at Cult of Mac Deals. We have featured some incredible bargains on tech gadgets, software, and training that make your life easier and giving you the time to do what’s most important to you. Don’t miss your opportunity. Today, we present ...continue reading Best deals of the week: VPN, Depositphotos, Limefuel Lite, Sensordrone, more! [Deals]

Rob LeFebvre (9:00 am PDT, Aug 31st) This colossus figure towers over all comers. Photo: Hunter LeFebvre, Cult of Mac SEATTLE, Washington — Table top miniatures are some of the geekiest board games, coming as they do with thick rulebooks and complicated sets of play mechanics. Developer Harebrained Schemes, the folks behind video games Shadowrun ...continue reading Tabletop miniature gaming is more accessible with Golem Arcana

Apple's rumored mobile payments initiative appears to be coming closer to launch, with Re/code reporting the company has reached a deal to partner with American Express. Apple has reached an agreement with American Express to work together on its new iPhone payments system, according to sources familiar with the talks. American Express is one of ...continue reading Apple Partnering With American Express on iPhone Mobile Payments Initiative

According to Mark Gurman’s 9-part profile of Apple’s public relations operations, it was Steve Jobs’ idea to assign an adjective to each of its products. In Apple press releases, the iPad is always “magical,” the iPhone “revolutionary,” the App Store “legendary.” This will not be a big surprise to the reporters who cover Apple. Journalists ...continue reading Inside Apple Inc.'s spin machine – Fortune

Rob LeFebvre (6:00 am PDT, Aug 31st) Dave Marshall, Editor Dark Horse Comics, holding a coffee table book of video game art. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac SEATTLE, Washington – Walk into a comic shop, and you’ll probably see titles from publisher Dark Horse Comics. Known for its creator-owned series like Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and ...continue reading Dark Horse Comics does video game titles like no other